About True Grade


True Grade is a cutting-edge technology company dedicated to serving collectors and enthusiasts of various collectible items such as trading cards, comics, coins, and stamps. With a mission to provide accurate grading and valuation services, True Grade has developed a user-friendly website and mobile app, offering collectors a convenient way to assess the value and condition of their prized possessions.

Key Features:

  1. Photo Grading and Valuation: True Grade's website and mobile app enable users to upload high-resolution photos of their collectible items. The cutting-edge image recognition technology and expert-level algorithms analyze these photos to determine the item's condition and assign a grade, helping users understand the true worth of their collectibles.
  2. Comprehensive Collectibles Database: The platform boasts a vast database of collectible items, including trading cards, comics, coins, and stamps. Users can easily find their specific items and receive accurate information regarding their rarity, historical significance, and market value.
  3. Grade Certificates: True Grade provides digital grade certificates for each assessed item. These certificates contain detailed information about the item, its condition, and the grading process, making it easier for collectors to buy, sell, or trade their collectibles.
  4. Marketplace Integration: Users can seamlessly list their collectibles for sale or browse items from other collectors within the True Grade marketplace. The platform offers a trusted space for collectors to buy and sell, knowing they are dealing with accurately graded items.
  5. Educational Resources: True Grade doesn't just offer grading and valuation services but also provides valuable educational content. Collectors can access articles, videos, and guides to help them understand the nuances of grading and gain insights into the collectibles market.
  6. Community Engagement: True Grade promotes a sense of community among collectors. Users can join forums, discuss collectibles, share their passion, and seek advice from fellow enthusiasts.



True Grade is a revolutionary company that empowers collectors to understand the true value of their collectibles through innovative technology and a comprehensive online platform. With its focus on accuracy, convenience, education, and community-building, True Grade is redefining the way collectors interact with and appreciate their prized possessions.

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