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How it works


Upload a picture of your item (front and back)

Our AI will assist you in ensuring that item is authentic, and that your images are properly formatted to be graded. For more accuracy, you can also upload a video of your item.


Our community and experts vote on the grade

Any user of is able to cast a vote of what they think is an accurate grade for your item based on the photos you provided - votes are weighted based on profile factors of the voter.


We provide you with your certified True Grade

Our proprietary algorithm takes into account an estimated grade by our AI, the votes submitted by users, and many other variables to determine the most accurate grade of your item.

The Importance of Grading Your Collectible

Knowing the grade of your collectible is crucial as the value can vary widely based on the condition, historical significance, and the number of items at that grade in circulation. Proper grading can ensure you get the most accurate value for your item, whether for sale or insurance purposes.

Premium grading and authentication

For high value items, we offer a premier grade review by our in-house and community experts, each whom have many years of specialty experience in the category of your collectible.

$ 9 / item

For items up to $1,000 in value.

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$ 39 / item

For items items over $1,000 in value.

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